Wednesday, July 18, 2007

As Though They Were

Have you ever done something that makes no sense?Something that has no rhyme or reason, but doing it felt 'right'? Well, I had one of those days today. I was trying to find a dress for a formal event that I'm attending next week. At first I didn't want to go to the event because my boss said we had to bring a date. Well, I'm currently dateless. But, she changed her mind and insisted that I go. Anyway, as I'm finishing up with purchasing my dress, I look up and see The Dress--the one that I know I will get married in. I cannot explain the feeling that came over me as I stood there looking at the vision of loveliness. I had this overwhelming urge to try it on. Which I did. Which makes no sense because I am not even dating anyone. It was totally crazy, but I felt I had to have that dress. It doesn't even fit, but it's like I know that at the appropriate time it will fit perfectly (I have been trying to lose weight). I am going to buy the dress. I know, it's crazy. It makes no sense whatsoever, but I know this is the dress for me.

And what's even crazier, I felt like God was saying to me, 'Call those things that be not as though they were.' I'm not one of those 'name it/claim it' people, but lately God has been giving me some faith exercises. You see, even though I'm not married, I honestly feel that I will meet my future husband this year. Now, I could be totally wrong about that. I've thought that every year for the past 15 years. But the funny thing is that honestly, even if I don't meet him, I'm ok with it. God is still sovreign whether I get married or not.