Friday, February 27, 2009

No Limits


Donalacasa said...

I am sighing at your blog, because you know from my post on FOCUHS that I am dealing with the whole teen relationship thing. There is "stuff" going on in their relationship right now and I have been so protective of my daughter's heart that it is difficult for me to let this go and leave this relationship between the two of them to work it out. As far as parental approval goes, we gave ours for the young man years ago as did his parents for our daughter, but there is so much "life" that has to be lived before definite decisions can be made. *sigh* Thanks for sharing.

Angela said...

Amen, God can and will work miracles in our children's lives. I've been praying for Marcel's wife to be since he was 3 years old. Today is his 18th birthday and I'm still praying!